Thursday, March 22, 2007


I have heard plenty about Suduko and Itried to ignore it. A workmate left an almost completed Suduko puzzle from a newspaper lying aroung and I looked at and could not understand it. There was a web address included, so I had a look see.

I then understood Suduko.

Another workmate caught me looking at the back page of The Age and suggested we turn back a page and have a go at Suduko.

He gave me a quick personal, as against web site, understanding and it was quite fun. I did some more of it later, but I made an error somewhere and could not be bothered any more. It was labelled a hardish one.

I struggle keeping up with basic newpapers and mags. When would I have time for Suduko. (Perhaps I should spend less time writing blog posts?)

So now I understand Suduko and if you like doing them, I now understand why.


  1. Karaoke is called the "Black Plague from Japan" in certain Chinese circles. I have the same disdain for this game as you once had, but I am hell-bento on maintaining it.

  2. I will too Rob, once I have completed one.