Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Shave, clipper, wax and pluck

I hope he does not mind this reference, but the first blogger I ever read diligently was Daniel and he recently wrote a post about his own hair removal procedures. From head to wherever.

The post is interesting enough. I am sure even straight blokes like to know what other straight blokes do about excess hair and hair growing where it unwanted.

But what got me was the first couple of comments. They just blew me away. While I laughed, I also felt some sort of annoyance.

We blokes put up with hours and pages of women and their fashion, their body images, their make up, their conversational superiority, their multi tasking skills etc, ad naseum.

One little post about a bloke's personal grooming had a couple of chicks up in arms.

I thought about it while I showered and plucked an errant hair from my shoulder that appears every month or so, and then made my vapid comment, but it was all that I could think to say.

I can only think that these commenters had placed Daniel in a box and did not want to know that he was human, and a male with hair in more places than his head. But oh, the bit about his post being like thinking of your parents having sex.........what can I say. Father figure Daniel?

The post is here and the comments below of course and the bit about Intelligent Design was clever. Just shows how easily the concept is to discredit.


  1. As a straight male and the first comment maker, I have to say that I have never taken any interest in what other straight guys do with their hair. Sorry to place spanner in works, but I'm just not that concerned about it! At least not enough to consult others. I deal with it alone and it works quite well. Except for that patch around my mouth...

  2. These are probably the same chicks who talk about their shoes until you're ready to lose your mind.

    I found it interesting. And it made me think about whether I need to do my weekly eyebrow tweezing. ;)

  3. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Hey. Shoes are fun. I brought new shoes yesterday.

  4. Not ANOTHER red pair Rosanna.

  5. No to consult Rob, but it is free information there for the reading.

    Wait till I make my own post about hair removal Daisy Jo.