Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Portarlington What we did

We did not do much actually, apart from sitting around. Mother and step father arrived an hour late, and not due to daylight saving changeover. Yes, I know she should have been an hour early if she forgot, but you don't know my mother.

Our plans for getting there early went amiss due to carwash and airshow, so we did not even see the town. The bone surgeon rode her bike from Geelong and had a puncture at Drysdale. She had a tube and her bottle opener doubled as a tyre lever. Sister's condition ensured she drove.

We went for a decent beach walk though, all of us set off, but stepfather stopped soon, Mum and I further on, but R, sister and the bone surgeon went on right up to the main pier. After chatting with Mum on the beach for a while, I went off in the other direction on my own past the sailing club and came across a minature railway and a quite busy boat ramp.

A couple of kids had caught toad fish or puffer fish or something. It had a tail. They threw it to a pelican who gobbled it up. Within a couple of minutes, five pelicans had arrived. They hang around the boat ramps as there are fish cleaning facilities.

There was so much smoke in the direction of Avalon that I thought an airplane was burning after a terrible crash. I think it might be called afterburn.

So nice to be at the country and the beach and see the city skyline across the water.

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  1. Many a fond memory of Port Arlington from the age of 4yrs. I used to go away there with my Grandparents. We took our kids there about 3 years ago on mother's day, they got to have a ride on the miniature train. Not sure who was more excitd, the kids or the dude driving the train :)
    Great pics :)