Monday, March 26, 2007

Portarlington The Drive

We picked that Sunday wrongly. The drive to Portarlington was not pleasant. We started with a car filthy from dirty rain a couple of days ago so went via North Melbourne car wash to give it a rinse off. All bays full and all seemed to be at the same early stage of washing. After over a ten minute wait we were in, as every bay around us emptied and we were the only ones there.

Down the, new to me driving, Wurundjeri Way and onto the Geelong Freeway. We knew the Avalon Air Show was on but figured by nearly noon the traffic should have cleared. Wrong, it was a slow trip but we did not actually stop. I was astonished at the numbers queued in two left lanes waiting to get in.

In the light of last weeks tunnel crash, it took me some time to get into freeway driving stride. I admit, I felt nervous. Which maniac was going to lose control and slam into us or just nudge our car a little and send it into a spin? Has anyone ever driven off the Westgate Bridge? What if that big bomber aircraft falls down on top of us. R saw it make a 360 deg roll in the sky, but I was too busy willing it to stay aloft to see and concentrating on driving. Then there were all these people stopped on the side of the freeway watching and taking photos while everyone sped past at 100 kmh. One wrong move kiddie.......

When travelling through Geelong, it is our tradition to stop at McDonalds before we get into town. Apart from a snack, there is grassed areas which was nice for the dogs when we had them, and a creek that was nice for one dog to plunge in and get wet and muddy before returning to the car. But dogless as we now are, it is a tradition. Of course it was packed but by the time we were served, there was no one else waiting. Just one of those days.

I thought six o'clock would be a good time to leave Portarlington to return home. Surely the airshow traffic will have cleared by then. Wrong again. Still plenty of it pouring onto the freeway at 7pm. It is all your fault Cazzie. I really expected a long bank up of traffic at Kingsway exit since the tunnel is still closed, but it wasn't too bad. One and half hours from Port Arlington to home.

No pics from the airshow, but here are a couple I prepared earlier, from the Grand Prix flyovers.


  1. LOL, thanks for blaming me. At 6pm I was sitting in my car with the radio on and the ignition off!! I sat there listening to music, cleaning my car out and the kids were playing with their toy planes in the car park/paddock.
    There were 6 streams of cars going for MILES to get out. I turned my ignition on at 7pm or so, and we got back to Werribee by 9pm, unreal hey!!

    Glad you ahd such a great weekend though, it looked very relaxing at Port Arlington.

  2. So it took you three hours then Cazzie?