Thursday, March 01, 2007

Playing with the big boys

I am a senior member of Walking Melbourne. All that means is that I have made one hundred posts. Still, I do take a wee bit of pride. The principle people within this group are smart, far more cleverer than me. Bit like a transport group I am also a member of. There are some clever people there too. Neither are gentle if you make a mistake or express an opinion they don't like. No matter, I push on with my slowly thickening skin.

Here is my latest post to Walking Melbourne. It only took about five hours of my life. I enjoyed doing it. I hope some people at the group appreciate it. I do admire the effort some people make in Walking Melbourne. Typing away on a blog is easy. Adding pictures takes more time. Multiple pictures with details is very time consuming.


  1. That is so interesting that site, I will be sure to keep an update on it. Thereb are so many places I look at when I travel through North Melbourne to work and back, I often wonder who originally owned the places, and, of course, what they look like inside.
    When I worked in Prahran, I also loved the buildings around there.
    I have been known to take pics of wrought iron works in and around Nth Melbourne and emailed them off to a friend abroad. I love that kind of work.
    Good work on making 100 posts, guess we all be on the look out for that man with the camera hey? LOL

  2. Thanks Cazzie. I only take the camera if I really want to take pics as it too bulky. I need a pocket sized one. But I do have a couple of pics of North Melbourne in my blog. I don't like the post, it is so badly written, but have a look if you must.

    Reading an old blog post amused me. I had forgotten about it all.

  3. Good effort Andrew. I love Melbs and always seem to walk heaps when I'm there.

    Hooray for the free tram though when i get too knackered ;)