Sunday, March 04, 2007


In Darwin nearly two years ago, we took a tour of a pearl and pearling exhibition. It was quite interesting but even after the tour, I still did not get pearls and the attraction they have for some.

The other night I looked at the Brighton Antique Dealer and the sun dawned. Around her neck was the most beautiful single string of pearls with matching earings. Maybe the lighting was just right, I don't know, but I now understand the beauty and lustre of pearls. She said she has three sets, one a double and Dame M gave her own away recently to her niece.


  1. A matched string of Paspaley pink pearls can take anything up to 10 years to collect. Pollution has just about wiped out the Japanese pearl industry and they're cold water pearls while ours are warm water so much bigger. As much as I love pink pearls, I lust after the irridescent black pearls.

  2. Anonymous10:51 pm

    I have pearl earrings - they're just beautiful. But I would only ever wear real pearls, as fakes look daudy.

    Andrew, please don't tell me *all* my deleted posts arrive in your blog feed (RSS?)

    Also, why have I never asked before? But... WHO IS DAME M?

    I have this very royal view of her.

  3. Ahhh.... pearls. I have boxes of them. Fresh water and not A grade, but they're divine.

    And yeah, Japan imports their pearls from China now, since they've buggered up their own water systems.

  4. Irridecent black pearls is hard to get my head around. I guessed you would know about pearls :-P

    One or two have Rosanna and no doubt a few of mine have too in the past. I am more careful about it now, as you will be now I expect. Of course the original is always more interesting.

    Ren, fresh, salt, cold or warm, they must all be beautiful and always beautiful when strung around a ladies neck. I have never seen a drag queen who could wear pearls.

  5. Left out the response to Dame M. I'll write a post on her but there are many references to her on my blog.

  6. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Yes, but who is she in relation to you?

  7. Just a friend Rosanna.

  8. Anonymous12:44 pm

    A friend. That's cool. For some bizarre reason I thought the M stood for 'mother'.