Sunday, March 04, 2007

Overheard Conversation #34

Two Indian born couples boarded the tram on which I was travelling. Both couples had babies with them.

Another women already on the tram in almost perfect Aussie but not quite, spoke to them. She looked a bit foreign but I could not pin down her looks or accent. I am only slightly paraphrasing.

What beautiful babies. Yours has such pale skin, she is so lovely. (turns to other couple) Ah, your baby is very dark. It doesn't really matter anymore. Don't worry. She will be lovely when she grows up.

I suppose both babies will both grow up in Australia and both talk like Aussies, but I think one may have a bit harder time in life.

If I have dealings with them, I hope I only hear the voice and I overlook whether one is darker or lighter.


  1. I used to hear this from my father-in-law. He'd look at his great granddaughters, pleased that they weren't turning any darker. He was a racist homophobic old bastard and I'm glad the girls don't have to deal with him.

  2. And the obvious question arises, why would they turn darker? They were already a bit dark?

  3. *sigh* At least she didn't call them "mud puppies".

    I live indian babies. Indian babies and Japanese babies are THE cutest babies on the planet (aside from kittens, puppies and ducklings). Their parents can go back to wherever they came from but the babies are WAY cute.

  4. Funny that, but Asian and Indian babies are very appealing.