Friday, March 30, 2007

The old blogger on the new blogger

After all the trouble that google caused for me and many others when they took over blogger and then upgraded it, I will say the new version is better.

Things are a little more logical generally. You can add tags which helps me a lot as my post filing system failed due to neglect. You don't even have to actually republish to add a tag to an old post, so I discovered after actually looking.

I cannot change my page look without loosing my template edits though. I thought it was time for a change to my look, but I could not find anything better. I could have gone for the template upgrade, but again I lose the edits and while they have some stuffs to make it easier make changes, a lot of the html was not showing. I know html, that is how to cut and paste it, so I don't want to learn these new toys.

The spell checker is vastly superior to the old version and I should try to use it more often.

The photo uploading system is better, but I just wish I could place photos where I want and arrange the text around them as I want.

I have some problem with something I do in some posts. Perhaps a combination of key strokes. When I want to insert an aphostrophy, it operates some keyboard shortcut and something else pops up. I am not stressing over it and neither should you when you notice missing apostrophys (ies?).

Another problem I have is me stressing over making too many posts on one day and then maybe nothing the next day. I attempt to even them out, but not very well. Sometimes things are so topical, that the next day a post about subject might be stale. Sometimes I get a backlog of posts and just think dam, and just publish. I have a backlog of unfinished and not so topical posts. I may get around to them. I have decided to not stress anymore about it. So if you are flooded with posts on one day, space them out yourself.

Must say though this blogging thing is fun. What a nice lot of people I have come to partly know. The not so nice ones don't hang around. Then there is the mystery one comment on a post and never hear from them again. Just the subject matter interested them I suppose.

Sadly some bloggers have come and gone. I understand this. I did think about it once because surely I will run out of things to say one day. While I do put a good bit of time into blog posting and reading others, I can't say I put in a lot of effort, certainly no more than I want to. Some focus a lot on the how their blog appears on a screen. To me, it is the words and to a lesser extent the pictures that make a blog I like to read. So if you blog looks like an MS notepad document, that is fine with me.

I tried hard to contain my blog list to just a few other bloggers but it is impossible not to add nice people who have good blogs. That is something I really do worry about, to add or not to add. I notice some don't have a list at all. that makes it so easy. I should have done that.

Of course I should have listened to someone and changed to the superior word press, but I am not so young, a bit set in my ways and I don't want to learn new things when I really don't have to. Learning a new printer, the fourth, is hard enough and there are plenty of other things to learn in life.

Gee, this is sounding like an anniversary post. Btw, I thought I started in 2005, but I just checked and it was September 2004. Blogging has changed a bit since then. An awful lot of my words written and forgotten. I think my writing has improved and hopefully sounds a little less childish. Not sure about that.

One wise decision I made was to not tell people I know well about my blog. There is only one friend who knows and reads it, so I feel less contrained when writing. There are a couple of workmates, but since I don't talk about work, not a problem. Of course R reads it sometimes but as usual, is tolerant of my nonsense.

You know I almost feel confident enough to put up a proper picture of me, but not quite. Thank you Brownie for christening me Camera Face. You are too kind.


  1. I want to be there (with me Polaroid at the ready) the day Box Brownie meets Camera Face.

  2. First rule of blogclub, never talk about blogclub.

    Second rule of blogclub, never tell relatives about blogclub.

    Camera Face (although those jeans do look tight below it) in days of yore, bloggers would have been wandering troubadours, telling tall tales and insulting the aristocracy. Of course we can still do that over at the GG's blog.

  3. 'Cameraface' was shorter to type than 'Big Chief Hand In Pocket'.

  4. I get that 'pours or drought' blog problem too, but I keep a few in reserve. I've got a cracker about Kate Winslet I'm waiting to unleash, plus a few others.

    Without blogging, I'd have no idea that andy (NOT you andrew!) would be such a tosser online as he is in the real world!

  5. Andrew
    The answer to just about all of your blogging problems is to move to WordPress as a platform for your blogging it is like comparing a sports car with a skateboard...
    Take it from me I had an old blogger blog then a new blogger blog and now a WP blog and I would not go back!!
    You can with a few mouse clicks transfer your archive and the comments to your new blog so you loose nothing.

    Best wishes

  6. Perhaps I will, but I need to be on holidays Iain. Thanks for your advice.

    Big chief hand in pocket. You will never find me with my hands in my pockets Brownie. I am a Scot remember.

    My verbal skills are poor Jah Teh. Not troubadour material.

  7. Andy....hahaha. He always says nice things about you too.