Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A note from the printer

We thought we would send the Mountain Women a thank you note. R thought better still, print out the photo of the dahlias (from their garden) onto a card, add a note and include our email address which they asked for.

We knew that the next time we had to print something serious, we would need a new printer. While I have one brand new colour cartridge for our old printer and I investigated getting the same brand so that the cartridge would not go to waste, I am now past that point and fed up with the printer. I also reckon it was pretty expensive ink wise. Perhaps not a quality product.

We took a quick look online at what was on offer from Cannon, HP, Brother and Epson, not Lexmark this time. We wanted another multi function printer around one hundred dollars. I also noted suggestions from a couple of blogger mates.

Okies, we have a bit of knowledge now and waited until we thought the Moomba parade would clear and walked into town. We had three stores in mind and firstly checked Dick Smith Electronics and actually found pretty well what we wanted at a good price. Onto Harvey Norman. Nothing much around the price and nothing to compare equally with what we had seen at DSE. I don't like HN anyway.

Onto Officeworks and they had an ok selection but not exactly what we wanted. Down to Big W to buy another low energy fluorescent light to replace the one which has failed once again. Just happened to notice they had printers and the same one we were interested in for two dollars less.

Nah, I would rather buy it back at DSE where the product knowledge was quite good I thought. We had already checked that they had stock.

So, we bought an Epson CX3900 Multi Function for $97 at DSE, well we thought. When we went to collect one and pay, they did not actually have a brand new one, only a repacked one that had been on display. I looked at R with a cautious expression and he returned the look. Of course, you can have it for $75 said the salesman. I packed it myself and I know it is complete and never been switched on.


I uninstalled the old printer and the new one installed easily enough. I later discovered that the help file won't work. I am guessing it is because it wants to do it online and use IE rather than Firefox. Maybe. I will investigate it more later.

Well, the printing of the photo on the card was almost impossible. I had never done anything like that before, although R had. He normally just uses MS Publisher and then prints. But no, it was not that easy with this new printer. He finished up printing the photo on photo paper and attaching it to the card. He swore a lot during the process. He managed to do some nice word printing on the card.

From what I see, this printer will be more economical than the old as it has three separate colour cartridges. If you don't read another post about it, I must be reasonably happy with it.

Now where to I take the old printer for recycling? Anyone have a suggestion?


  1. Good Timing Andrew,

    Head Matriarch of Craphola Towers just invested in a new Epson Stylus R350 to replace our old HP multifunction. Not a bad printer but I'll reserve judgement for week.

    The last time Craphola Towers had a Epson printer was a rattely old dot matrix that lived with us from 1985 to 1996.

  2. I told you to get the HP Photosmart 7830. Three cartridges, one for photos which you swap for the black and it's been terrific and the cartridges can be refilled.

    Old cartridges can be left at DSE for Planet Ark but let me know about recycling the printer. The only thing wrong with mine is the scrolling bar which some geek could fix.

  3. Nice unit for photos Bobby.

    Yes, but we rarely print photos Jah Teh and we wanted the multi function. Under advice from someone I trust, I no longer refill cartridges. Getting rid of cartriges is easy, a printer somewhat harder. Will let you know.

  4. Hi Andrew,

    b2c recyclers will take old printers for a $10 fee (which is tax deductable) - they will dismantle and use as much as possible, and dispose of the rest responsibly.

    Victorian Computer bank will also take printers for a small fee: http://vic.computerbank.org.au

    You could also check the list of Computer Recycling Organisations and Contacts in Victoria on this page: http://doc.vic.computerbank.org.au/contact/computerrecycling/ . (Note: some of the details are out of date, so phone first to check.)

  5. Thanks Altissima. Not deductable for me though. I think I donated our last computer or the one before to Computerbank in North Melbourne. It still worked. I'll see if they take if it is only a small fee. Noticed while looking at links a couple of days ago that HP in the US take everything back of any brand. HP Australia only take back HP products.