Monday, March 19, 2007


I have had a play around with Highrisers's Celebs, that is pics of famous guys I like or have liked in the past and uploaded thier pics to my account. I have not looked at the site for months and I notice some have been deleted, probably because they were too revealing. I can't remember now what pics were there.

I have added some new ones and it is a work in progress, but don't hang out for any new stuff for a while.

Most of them are from my youth or twenties, but there are a few later additions.

The link on my page is called Guys, Dudes, Blokes and Fellas and underneath is the active link highriser celebs. You can have a look here. My faves? Well, I loved David Cassidy when I was a teen. In my twenties I loved Leif Garret. In my thirties ...........well, I became much less choosy. You are most welcome to work out 'my type' from the pics, but given I don't really know, good luck.


  1. Anonymous7:59 am

    Great pictures Andrew. Funny how alot of those guys would also be on my list.
    Thanks for posting on my blog.. especially the new one(politics and all that). Gee that was a long wait.
    Cant seem to find those pictures of that cute Tadzio doll. Perhaps it wasn't put up on your blog, or maybe you took it off. Kind of cute though. The doll reminds me of a boy I knew.

    David (Deejohn).

  2. Thanks David. I did not a certain commonality in our tastes when I skimmed through your blog. 'Fraid I have no knowledge of Tadzio doll. Must have been someone else's blog.