Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Landline

Our phones are cordless except for the one next to my bed. While you get used to cordless phones, when I used the landline this morning I noticed how crystal clear the sound of the voice is when the sound travels only through wires.

The phone next to my bed gets used once in a blue moon and that is to ring into work to inform them that I am unwell and I am unable to come to work.

So yes, I used the phone this morning to ring in sick. I felt much better an hour later. Should I have called back and said I will come to work after all?

Does anyone seriously think I would do that?


  1. And you couldn't call in sick for a very important grogblog?

  2. Going to a party where I don't actually know anyone. Ohhhh. I do appreciate being asked though.

  3. As you said, you were "unable to come to work". The staying at home bit was what you needed and it obviously helped! If you'd gone in, you may well have been crook the rest of the day, or worse, given it to someone else. You did the right thing at the time!

  4. Wish management would see things with such clarity of thought as your goodself Rob.