Thursday, March 15, 2007

Koskyism #2

Koskyism number one was when the new public transport minsiter expressed a view that Melbournians were too obsessed with punctuality of our public transport.

Today I heard Koskyism number two. The problems are our fault again, because we all want to travel on public transport at the same time, that is in the morning and evening peak periods.

Minister, believe me, if people had an option of not getting on jam packed trains or trams or sometimes not even being able to fit on, I think they would use it. Already the peak travel times for public and motor car transport has spread in both directions at both ends of the day. What more do you want?

Her solution? She is going to talk to schools to see if they can stagger their start times more. Hip bloody horay. I wonder if she has some bribe money in her purse for all the elite private schools.

It is quickly becoming clear to me that the new minister blames the public for the poor perfomance of our public transport. I don't think I have ever taken such a dislike to someone when I have heard so little from them.


  1. (First off let me tell you I was a bit thrown by the word verification letters "fudykye" ... is that a sexual orientation category I've missed?!)

    Back to taws. Reckon we should do a reverse of the usual outsourcing of jobs to Calcutta and Bombay and send dear ole Lynney off to run the Indian rail system. (Suffer in your jocks all you dusky straphangers ... or is that hung strappers ... chacun son goat! Sorry, blame that 18th pre dinner dry sherry for that inexcusability ... and don't forget bypass those bunny vermins and buy your good old Aussie Easter Bility. Peel me another Amontillado Beulah.)

    I use the term loosely - as loosely as I would use it when referring to the Melbun train *system*.

    Mind you, the fruit of my loins (the #1 and only daughter) tells me you wouldn't want to have to deal with Sydney's PT system in a millyun years.

  2. Errrrrm, to clarify ... and expand.

    "I use the term loosely"

    The term being "system".

    A term foreign to Lynne.

    And "user friendly system" is way, way beyond foreign to Lynne. Heartening (or disheartening - which ever comes first -) to see she's taken the same attitude into PT as she exhibited with Education.

    Sometimes we get the politicians we DON'T deserve.

  3. I wonder what remarkable talents Steve Bracks sees in Kosky. Everything I've read, seen or heard about her is a complete fuckup, in which she demonstrates her lack of understanding of the important issues in her portfolio. Still things could be worse, you could have the dickheads we have for our local government here in Canberra (and the even worse dickheads that are the opposition)!

  4. Ah M'lord, the luxury of a few amontillados is only for me on the eve before a day off. I don't know much about Kosky, but I am sure going to learn. I think it would be a lot easier to fix Sydney's train system than Melbourne's. It has capacity and no stupid level crossings. Btw, that was a special gay blog verification. You are now branded.

    LiC, we don't hear much about local Canberra. Is blow up the hospital with a crowd nearby leader still there? Perhaps it is now the bushfire, you will all be safe, bloke. I am guessing you have a Labor leader at the moment? Do you get a vote in NSW elections?

  5. 1. Force the bitch to use PT instead of her driver and car. Revoke her free travel pass (yes, every pollie gets one) so she becomes familiar with "ticket machines".

    2. Let every person in Melbourne know which services she takes so we can watch how it suddenly always runs (on time). Also, people can roast her with a dramatic Q&A session mid-journey.

    2. Yes, the PM peak sucks because just as the school crap dies down (all those highly-caffinated 4WD kampfwagens clear), the "I want to almost die trying to get home" desperados are unleashed. Staggering the hours isn't such a bad idea, but I'm driving without A/C, so it sucks anyways. I'd try to encourage more kids to use PT and improve those services instead.

    3. Get her to move closer to my depot so some decent trams start circulating.

    4. Divert road money into PT for a year or two.

    5. Tie her pay in with the performance of the operators. If they suck, she gets fined. If they roll, she gets paid.

    6. Fire her, increase the pay and advertise for the position. They always spout that "you pay peanuts you get monkeys" bullshit, and apparently we've got ourselves a big fat one here.

    (bad day at the office)

  6. After not hearing a peep out of her, I was prepared to give her a go a few weeks ago. Now she has opened her mouth a (very) few times and I have to say that I'm not enthused. She obviously has no interest in public transport, she even stated as much. Mr weasel/dunny brush was better...

  7. "they all want to travel at the same time" - WHEN are trams and trains NOT FULL?

    Last friday I trained to the city and home again for the grogblog and both trains were packed - the one in had no empty seats and the one home at 11:30 was the same.

    The timetables on the so-called ballarat fast train have just been adjusted to 3 minutes slower than previously while the bragging was going on.

  8. Anonymous10:01 pm

    All I have to say is that minister completely sucks.

    I shall write to her directly to ask her if SHE has ever stood at Camberwell station waiting for a connection to Canterbury in the dark, after six hours of Swedish-induced university.

    Then I will ask her if she's ever waited for the train for fifteen minutes, as express after express skips Canterbury - and then finally got the 7:02PM train, only to be met by the smell of dying animal and NO COPIES OF THE MX LEFT.

    And worst of all? A dodgy train that looks like a gremlin attacked the inards.

    Nice? Le Minister needs help.

  9. Anonymous10:02 pm

    By the way, that comment made no grammatical sense.

    Or possibly any sense.

    I'm sorry.

  10. Makes sense to me Rosanna. I used to live on the Alamein line.