Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I have seen her around and she may a kangaroo short in the top paddock, but she knows what is what. I boarded a busy tram and there was a seat. She quickly removed her feet from the seat and in a friendly way said sorry. I was not in the mood for friendly. I swept the seat a couple of times with my newspaper in a pointed manner an sat. Every so often I glared at her over the top of my reading specs. She gathered up her walking stick and moved to another seat as soon as one became free. I contemplated changing to the seat she had vacated and facing forward, but nah. I am not sitting on the seat where the filthy cow sat.

Yes, I was being precious, but public transport will always be shite when no-one can confidently sit on a seat when wearing white clothing.

My 'excuse me' had some extra harshness when I had to push past the usual teens who crowd the tram doorways.

Then suddenly I slipped out of grumpy old man mood and I boarded the 112 to Brunswick Street. All was well again with the world. I even helped some badly bleached and over macaraed? scrubber off the tram with her pram at the housing commission flats. Thanks darls. No probs hun.


  1. Scrubber. God I love that word.

  2. So do I. Guess it comes from the UK, but we could export it to the US and import their 'trailer trash'.

  3. That's why you'll never see Lizzie Hurley on a tram then?

    Scrubber as an epithet
    ( or 'social judgement')
    comes from the UK era when many women scrubbed floors in offices and hotels. an honest living.
    none of that now.
    Michael Caine told Parky the story of his scrubber mum chatting to the scrubber mum of Terence Stamp about their respective sons being actors, and that they did this over an long time without ever actually NAMING the almost-famous sons.

  4. Interesting Brownie. Makes sense. But turned in a perjorative now, but also by the English first.

    And when I said about importing trailer trash from the US, I only meant the word, not the people god forbid.