Friday, March 02, 2007

Hot boxes

Sorry Andy, in spite of the subject line, probably not of interest to you.

This is a pic of the latest private development Melbourne University student accommodation. I can guess what they are like. Tiny, rabbit warren landings, all with ceilings as low as is allowed but all clean, modern and new, just as overseas students from Asia like. But see all the windows open?

The building may have cooled ventilation in all public areas, but given I took this photo at about 7.30 in the morning with many cars passing and it being a tram shunting area, so also very noisy, I would guess these apartments are very hot inside. They are facing the west and receive the afternoon sun for several hours.

Now to personalise it, our apartment gets a few minutes of morning sun in the winter but in the summer it gets sun for dawn until about eleven. Obviously it faces east. If the air-con is off, it can go from 22 or 23 degrees (its natural summer temperature) to 27 or 28. It is hot and unpleasant. The temperature drops back quickly enough once the sun is off it, and of course we keep the blinds are closed.

Well, I can only imagine what is like to receive seven hours of baking afternoon sun on a high rise building such as the apartments at Melbourne Uni. This morning, not the day I took photo, it was cool enough, but I could see a fan whirring away at a window, drawing the cool outside air inside.

I consider it is thoroughly irresponsible to allow such buildings to be built.


  1. Yes, I totally agree with you there, so irresponsible, I imagine I will be seeing a few of these students come through the emergency room doors with dehydration. Of course, accompanied by sleep deprivation!!!

  2. Living in shoeboxes is a fair compromise if you're going to steal our university places.