Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Sydney Bridge

(Caught out once again by writing a post in advance but waiting to a bit closer to the right time. It was all over the news and current affairs shows tonight. I wrote most of this post Tuesday.)

While we in Melbourne detest the Sydney Harbour Bridge for becoming a symbol of Australia (what is wrong with our older Princes Bridge?), it must be recognised that, along with the Opera House, it is a symbol of Australia. We must all take pride in it.

It would be a bit more interesting if it still had a symbol of Melbourne, trams, or streetcars if you like, running across it. But no, the trams were removed from Sydney streets many years ago. Now that was a good idea Sydney, not! Apart from one new existing line, you are talking about bringing them back.

Still, the bridge does have trains, footpaths and cars, lots of cars, travelling over it. You can climb over the top of it for an exhorbitant fee or just climb up one of the towers. See it from a ferry, from the harbour bank underneath it, from many locations in Sydney.

Possibly the people and businesses who were cleared away when it was being built, mostly without compensation, may not be so happy.

But we won't let that sour its seventy fifth birthday. Big celebrations on Sunday and the bridge will be closed to traffic. Happy birthday to the coat hanger.

Ohter pic is Melbourne's Princes Bridge. Ok, it is not really a contender, but it is a lovely little bridge.

Recommended media: Australia All Over on Sunday morning broadcast from Observatory Hill on ABC Local Radio, streamed on the net, Ignore the bumbling idiot presenter, the content can be very good.

Constructing the Bridge, ABC tv, Sunday night, 7.30


  1. I registered ages ago to do the bridge walk on Sunday, they stopped registration at 200,000 but now they're saying that no one will be checking to see if you're registered or not anyway so I'm guessing there is going to be a lot more than 200,000 doing it. Now Unions Aust have decided it would be a good time to be noticed... they're encouraging all the nurses to wear their 'Rights at Work' tshirts and cross the bridge together, something like 4,000 of them, and in MY time slot... ggrrrrrrr.

  2. While it might be a bit of a nightmare Jo, I kinda wish I was there to walk it.

  3. Nice photo of the Bridge Andrew. By the way regarding a later posting..Mrs Slocombe (Molly Sugdeon) Did you know that sadly John Inman died just over a week ago. He played the part of the gay character 'Mr Humphries' (Im free).


  4. Thanks Deejohn. It took quite some time to decide which photo to steal off the net. I think absolutely everybody over the age of twenty five in Australia knows Inman is dead. He was much liked. A friend asked if he was a rice queen, in reference as to how he contracted Hep A.

  5. Great photos, Andrew. I relive my great times in Oz, thanks to your posts.

    The Melbourne trams will continue to always be my favorite.

    Thanks again for posting to my blog. Yes, the gayborhoods all over the world, like Oxford St are changing, mainly for economic reasons. So the search for new gayborhoods and the transitioning is beginning. Big hairy muscle hugs. thanks again for your very insightful post.