Sunday, March 18, 2007

Grand Prix

Another Melbourne Grand Prix has finished. Who was expecting me to rant about it? Well, I am now, post GP. It seemed worse this year. Apart from the screaming distant noise, it had little impact on us in Balaclava. I cannot say the same here and after four years I really am over it.

  • While I was at work today, R walked into town for some shopping. Guess who had to walk home as well as the trams were too packed to get on.
  • My alternative route home from work when traffic is heavy is around Albert Park Lake. I am barred from doing that for two weeks and restricted off peak for weeks before and after.
  • Two weeks ago we went for a walk, as we do, and I wanted to check the water level in Albert Park Lake. Our two normal walking paths were blocked and we ended up walking the back streets of South Melbourne instead. While there is still access, I am not sure how for us who live east of the lake.
  • Trams and buses are both mucked up for the four day period.
  • The noise is extraordinary. R is in a grump because he did not have his arvo siesta.
  • Much water has been extracted from the lake to water and put on a good 'green' show for public.
  • I worry about the ducks and swans while this event is happening.
  • We have met the owner of the Jolly Roger sailing club. Nice bloke. He is elsewhere now, driven away temporarily.
  • Thousands or tens of thousands of people who were trying to go about their normal weekend business were inconvenienced Saturday and Sunday.
  • Private people (a person in particular) are making a lot of money at the expense of state government coffers.
  • It costs the government (you, the taxpayer) a fortune to stage each year. They argue the benefits to the local economy. The race must happend against a city backdrop. Well, just on the news tonight, I did not see any city backdrop. Who around the world watches it anyway? Rev/motor heads. No one else would.
  • It is just some strange cars driving around in kind of a circle. Show us Holden and Falcon racing against each other and it might have a little more interest.
  • After four years, I do not find the Roulettes so fascinating and nor is the RAAF Hurcules (Hurcules is not what I meant to spell out wrongly. Ta Daniel, F18s.) The para gliders with flags were new I think, but I could not even be bothered rushing for the camera.
  • Appropriation of public property for private profit.
  • The clincher for me: They put up temporary lights that shine straight into my bedroom and light it up. They are there for weeks. I don't like that, but it also stops me gazing out to sea from my bed, looking at the buoys, the ships, St Kilda etc.
  • Yes, I have been, two years ago when it was free on a Thursday. I did not/could not see any cars racing, but the atmosphere was ok. But then I always enjoy a walk in Albert Park.
  • The whole buggery thing is so impersonal. I believe when it was in Adelaide, you could get close to the cars and talk to the drivers. No chance of that here.
  • Can I avoid it and go away? No, I have to work during the Grand Prix.......always and it is not just for four days for us.


  1. Like whoever it was wot said, "You aint seen nuthin' yet!'

    Wait till the proposed (read - "What Steve Bracks and Ron Wanker have promised, signed, sealed and delivered to Bernie Eccleston already.") night racing starts next year.

    Nearly barfed when I heard Puttynose Big Red Ron Wanker say that "It'll be OK, we already have night time events ... tennis at Rod Laver arena."

    Yeah Ronny you prat, like the Amelie Mauresmo and Roger the Federer speed around the streets of Melbourne at 3545 decibels per second.

  2. Should have come out to the Sunbury Festival, it was great

  3. If it was just the event, not so bad, but it is the lead up and wind down that bugs me.

    Ann, I expect the Sunbury Festival is very nice and local, unlike the St Kilda Festival.

  4. Yes it bugged me when I worked at the Alfred and I had to go a different way to work for a few weeks so I know some of what you mean there.
    It shitted the other half too last night especially, having to redirect people onto and off of transport. Not so hard to know how to get to the event when you look at the sea of ferrari flags and the like hey!!!

    Oh, we used to belong to the ALbert Park Sailing Club, we are about to auction our little sail boat on ebay soonish. The dude at the Jolly Roger..I am glad you updated us on him. I have wondered what would happen right now with the low water levels of the lake and all.
    Just to think, last year we went and walked right around that lake with all our sproutlings, sad it is low.

  5. You can't spell buoys either.

  6. Boiz.

    Cazzie, he goes off to a lake in the west of Melbourne while the GP is on, but this year he says he may not return.

  7. and on the same day as the race, the Age reported the shocking low level of the Thomson Dam.

    With the GP booking out every single hotel room in Melbourne for 3 days, how much of that precious water was used for complete roomsful of bed and bath laundry from those thousands of guests.

    None left for us as The Circus moves on, and i bet Ron Walkers garden is green.

    Victoria The Barren State.

  8. Marvellous number plate slogan Brownie. Walker, unless he has moved, lives in The Domain, the old BP House.