Monday, March 26, 2007

Got a Sunday ride

This is the new Combino tram from Siemens of Germany that is here in Melbourne as a promotion with the hope that Melbourne will order many of them. It is part of an order for Lisbon or nearby, Portugal. But as they are not ready for it yet, it was sent out here for a few months. If you look around it carefully, you can see some Portuguese writing and stickers over some Portguese writing.

Consider your oldest Melbourne tram, the W class, is 14 metres long, the newer Z class model is 17 metres long, the Siemens Combino tram in Melbourne presently is 20 metres long, the extra long Combino tram, 34 metres, this one is 37 metres. It is a long long tram.

It is a considerably improvement on their last model and with some meticulous calculations I worked out where it would be so R and I went for a ride Sunday morning. We only went for a few stops and then walked home. Just enough to test it out. We were quite impressed, but it is probably too long for Melbourne.


  1. the thing i've got against the z-class is the waste of space with the seating and the impossible to find / get to 'stop' buttons

    i'm a huge fan of the w-class (which still runs down the end of my street). i remember the good old days of being able to jump onto the side of it whilst moving.
    can't do that with modern trams...

    i was reading about this new tram. it's sounds a hell of a lot better than our new ones, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's better.
    siemens have a tendency to over-complicate things

  2. Four things:

    1) Mechanical Gong
    2) Proper Destination Board
    3) Comfortable seats
    4) Tram stop pull cords

    Then you have the perfect tram.

  3. I don't like Z tram because they are so hot in the summer but the seats are more comfortable. They are complicated beasts, but at least they now have some dampers to stop them slamming into corners with the bogie less wheels.

    1. Combino gong good, Citadis bad.
    2. Just tneed the route numberto left.
    3. Agree.
    4. Agree.

  4. Rosanna9:58 pm

    I hate the old school trams. The new, ergonomical white ones are the best.

  5. The mechanical gong sounds pissy, and that tram is way too long. Example: At LaTrobe St heading towards Flinders, the damn thing takes up the whole stop. Yes, the whole stop.

    The best thing about the Citadis was the additional horn, which seems to get a work out along Collins St. The rest of it pretty much bites.

    Best tram in the world would be a lowered B-Class with a double front door and a horn. This is from my somewhat limited experience!

  6. Rosanna, screw white interiors, bring back cream, mission brown and faux timber!

  7. She is just having a romantic shooldays moment Bobby.

    Agree again Rob, B class are the best.