Saturday, March 17, 2007

The fishy Mountain Women

The Mountain Women carted Dame M off to a trout farm and they bought $60 worth of fresh fish. They took it home and popped it onto the barbecue for a slow cook. Let's have a drink while it cooks.

A couple of hours later the forgotten fish was ruined and only fit for the dogs.

Dame M enjoyed her stay in the country but she said she was pleased to get home, although she was unsure what day she arrived home. I deduced it was Wednesday. She found the steep block hard when she wanted to go for a walk and I think the Mountain Women set a cracking pace with the drinks. Given the furtherest she walks now in the city is from her front door to a cab door, that is a little surprising.


  1. Speaking of booze, you were sorely missed at the grogblog. You are commanded to appear at the next one.

  2. I am a virgin at grogblogs. I would be terrified. Illusions, guesses, analysis, surmations and imaginings will all fall in a heap.........and that is just me. Will you and Brownie hold my hand?

  3. And anything else that's frightened.