Thursday, March 29, 2007

Distasteful post. Do not read. Sydney V Melbourne

Can I mollify you all with the fact that people have lost their lives and this is surely a tragedy for their loved ones.

BUT. So our road tunnel has a major crash and fire which gets world wide coverage. Is Sydney content to let us bask in the spot light for a moment?

No, if a car mowing down a bus queue is not enough, now a river cat slices through a pleasure boat right under the harbour bridge.

What a publicity seeking whore is Sydney.


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    LOL :)

  3. C'mon Mercboi. I am trying to start inter city rivalry and you are not playing the game.

  4. and NOT A Good Week For Champion Athletes, since the incidents each had one as a victim.

    Tug Boat Potemkin posted on
    "Disasters Waiting To Happen"
    where I left this comment after my previous link to HighRiser there -

    "well cut off me legs an call me Shorty ... another 'Disaster Waiting To Happen' has happened:

    The boat OWNER survived
    when his UNLIT boat,
    in the shadow of a very big bridge at 10:30PM on his way
    "to LOOK at Russell Crowe's house" fer godssakes,
    was demolished killing people
    and severing HIS own wife's leg.

    He will need to go to the library with his revolver I think.

  5. Never occured to me that they were athletes. We used to just knock off English back packers.