Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Danger. Stay away.

Stop laughing, this is getting serious. It is a dangerous corner.




  2. I have worked in buildings either side of both those corner buildings and found it Very Dangerous as a pedestrian.

    Every morning, alighting the tram and crossing from the tramzone, WITH the lights, speeding cyclists (ignoring the lights so they could turn left into the road in the picture,) would mess up my hair with their windshear.

    I do hope you work the Spotters Fee culture and phone in all the collisions.

  3. Thanks Hairybears.

    Brownie, I thought now it was all tow truck allocations were from a central point and there is no longer spotter fees. Maybe I am wrong.

  4. My guess is the reason why that intersection sees so little improvement is that while there are plenty of accidents, they need confirmed casualties to wake the bean counters up. I'd be interested to know what time of day the accident occured had it been raining? Ground looks a little damp...

  5. Yes, it was a little damp, but only under the trees really. It was about noon on Monday I think. There doesn't seem to a pattern to time.


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