Thursday, March 01, 2007

Couple of big queens

They may have caused an awful botheration in Sydney, but it would have been pretty special to see them both together. Can Sydney be impossibly beautiful at times? Not everyone knows to click on the pic to make it larger. Do it to see QE2 and QM2.
Pic courtesy Cunard


  1. Botheration and a half! I had a dinner party to go to in Pyrmont, and could not get a park anywhere!
    Eventually i had to drive to Redfern and catch a freakin train!

  2. You can leave your car in Redfern and it stays there?

  3. Certainly stunning isn't she? I soo love Sydney Harbour.

  4. That's a shot across the bow and you'll pay for it :P

  5. for me, that boat is simply much too big. i can't see the appeal.

    but each to their own

  6. On a perfect day and even a not so perfect day, the harbour is stunning.

    Just helpful information for less experienced users JahTeh. Don't get paranoid.

    Like your boat Kiki? You'd like it as a toy.