Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Collector Thief

How dare Andy Muirhead, host of Collectors, buy and wear the same shirt as mine on Friday 2nd March. It looks better on me of course and, unlike me, I bet he paid full price for it.

My partner would run off with him at the drop of hat, so I have good reason to be vicious. Pox on you Andy and don't think you can copy my sartorial splendiness any more. (That isn't the shirt in the pic)


  1. How dare he!!! What a Bitch.

    What's that old saying... imitation is the finest form of flattery?? He's clearly jealous of you.

  2. Is this the guy who was on the The Tuesday Book Club last night? I thought he was very cute.

    Great shirt. At least it's not John Howard wearing it! I once watched Eastenders and saw one of their really trashy characters wearing the same skirt as me. I was devastated.

  3. Andy Muirhead can hang his t-shirts in my wardrobe, put his shoes under my bed, and do anything else he has in mind in my bedroom.

    (now for my third attempt to leave this comment: I hate really hate Blogger these days!!!!!!!)

  4. Thank you for your support Jo.

    Not sure PG, I missed it. I loved EastEnders when it was on free to air here.

    You'll have to fight R for him Ron. Three tries eh. I am worth the effort.

  5. Well then, he is just horrid for copying you dear Andrew!!!
    Don't stress, I bet he wears moccasins, he hales from down Sale way you know.. on the other hand, perhaps not.
    Collectors is a great show though, I guess I will catch it tonight as I am home and the other half is out there making the World safer to travel.
    My turn to work Sat and Sun evening :(

  6. Is he an air marshall Cazzie? I did not know AM was from Sale. Part time comedian, and Wil Anderson comes from those parts too.

  7. He looked particularly cute last night and R and Ron wouldn't have a chance if he had green eyes.

  8. Solid hairy lad. Not my type, what ever colour his eyes.

  9. Cazzie thinks Andy is from Sale, and I thought it was warrnambool since Country Living magazine profiled him.
    This post came on page 3 of the results when I Guugled his name after InVig said mean things about him.
    I think he is gorgeous.
    I now know he is a Biologist and was working in Tasmanian Forestry, not for those evil Gunns Pulp I hope. I bet that's how he met Gordon Brown who is obsessed with old timbers. I would pay good money to see the two of them trying on kilts.

  10. Ha Andrew - I just noticed in your sidebar the photo of the old sign wall near Malvern station - isn't the shop under it just amazing - all leadlight and curly bits. shame about the junky occupant though.

  11. Invig was a bit harsh. His first comment on my blog. Biologist hey. Plus tv host, radio broadcaster and stand up comedian. Clever boi!

    Think I remember the shop you are referring. There are a few remnants like that still in Malvern.

    What a miserable grey day it is. Supposed to go out but can't be bothered now.

  12. of course Cazzie was right - he from Sale.
    at The Collectors website I got lured into trying to guess the Mystery Object but couldn't. I would rather win that than win the Archibald.

    of course I was wrong guessing that sign wall from the tiny pic as it is a Prahran wall. the malvern one is for Royal Marine Insurance

    Stay indoors:rain+wind =bad (the umbrella blows out)