Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Callea gay?

So almost Pop Idol Anthony Callea has cofessed to being gay. Wonder if he can take a big.......nah. He said he was going to fess up, like it is a crime, but a Sydney radio prestenter outed him before he could tell his story.

My Sydney friend is an evil bitch, but one with inside knowledge. A few weeks ago he sent me Callea's gaydar.com profile. While there was nothing there that I could identify Callea by, I trust my friend in these matters. He sent it on to UK popbitch.com and it was published and while popbitch is sleazy, they do attempt to verify, as they did when my friend sent them the info on Idol's Shannon Noll going to a certain Paramatta Road Sydney brothel and then publishing it.

Sydney friend has taken on the challenge to 'get' Callea and spray paint his face. Since he knows little about cars, I am not quite sure what he means.

Then the Sydney radio presenter mentioned Callea being gay, and shock horror, he did not realise that he was outing Callea. Like no one knew already.

I am sounding like I care about all this and I don't much. But what I do care about is that people were speculating on Ian Thorpe's sexuality when he was 16. Speculating on Callea at 20. Yes, fame has its price, but it is quite unreasonable to press younguns so hard over sexuality when they may not even know themselves. It is still hard being a gay person, certainly if you want to maximise your profit in a straight world. By all means out the hypocritical, but go a bit easy on the younguns.

And all of us who were speculating on footballer Anthony Koutafidis seem to have been wrong. I saw him on tv with his kiddie and missus, so I no longer believe what many sources have told me. He is not very hot now anyway.


  1. "and spray paint his face"

    Water sports?

  2. Yes, for sure, not understanding your own identity as yet in your won life has to count for something. Giving these people a go, even if they are famous, they are still HUMAN. I reckon if they wanna be outed and they are sure about it all they would soon say something, or maybe not.
    We are all indviduals...did I just quote from some Monty Python Flick here?? LOL.

  3. White washing I should think Ron.

    It is a hard one Cazzie. I don't like the idea of them saying they aren't gay when they are just for financial advantage, but you have to take their age into account.