Thursday, March 08, 2007

Belgrave Update

The old bluestone building pictured in the post on Belgrave was Doctor Jorgensen's residence and surgery in the fifties and sixties. He was one of the Jorgensens and the only doctor servicing a large area.

If you were sick, you would attend his practice and wait your turn, sometimes a long wait. You were charged according to your means. If the flow of patients entering his rooms from the waiting area stopped, it meant the doctor had disappeared out the back door for a break or to run an errand.

He drove a beat up old Holden car and it was often booked by new parking officers and police for parking in the 'doctor only' parking space in front of his practice, as no one believed a doctor would drive such a beat up car.

As he was a Jorgensen, it is quite possible that the building may not be as old as it seems.


  1. Thanks for the elaboration on the lovely old building, I love to learn these things you know.
    Good for him for never changing his car over to a beamer (Black Man's my kids call em).

  2. I think I get the black man's willie.