Thursday, March 08, 2007

Beacon Cove

R thinks he would like to live at Beacon Cove. I don't, but I quite like it to visit. It is quite an easy bike ride for me. From home we see the Spirit of Tasmania sail in and sail out, sometimes lit, sometimes not, sometimes late, but mostly early. It is a lovely craft. A few NYE's ago we were on the rooftop of a friend's place at Beacon Cove and watched fireworks go off on the Beacon. The other pic is the last of the Yarra Bank, a forbidden area.


  1. We spent Good Friday last year down at Beacon Cove, then caught the light rail into town and had a look at Southern Cross Station, walked over to Telstra Domw to see festivities for Good Friday Appeal and caught the light rail back. It began to rain heavily while we waited for the light rail to get to us, the stoopid shelters we had to stand under do nothing to protect you from it.
    Yes, it is a great place to visit, not sure, I think it'd be nice to live there......

  2. Did you eat there? Where? Must be the last time it rained in Melbourne, or seems like it.

  3. Anonymous7:46 pm

    There's a light rail in Melbourne? Le what?

  4. Le un zero neuf from Box Hill to Port Melbourne.