Sunday, March 04, 2007

Youth in Asia

While the youth in Asia can be quite attractive, I mean euthanasia, but I attracted your attention hey.

I think I am pro euthanasia for those who want it. If your body is in so much pain or if you don’t want to present to the world with your marbles lost, personal grooming totally lost, spittle down your chin and urine stains on your clothing, then you really ought to have the choice.

Well, that is what I thought until I started to consider who may have a vested interest in a person no longer living.

Always look at the family first, an ex policeman told me. Sure enough, it can be well imagined that an heir may want a person to depart this earth sooner rather than later. Even someone who is finding it difficult to cope with a slowly dying relative or perhaps a friend.

The government will get the person off their payroll. No more nursing care costs and pension.

The medical funds will rid themselves of this costly person.

I am now swinging back to the status quo. The patient is in pain and the dose of morphine is increased until the dosage level becomes fatal. It is done by doctors under the guise of pain relief with no guilt for the family. The person would die soon anyway.

Yes, some things are best left alone. Too many people have vested interests in seeing their loved ones off.


  1. I think I'd like the choice. I don't want my ending left up to someone else. Since I'll have no heirs, I don't think anyone will want to kill me off early.

  2. I think we like to think we can still be in control when we are in that position, but I am not sure that we will be. I would hate for someone to make the wrong decision on my behalf. And, as I said, it is not just heirs who may have a vested interest.

  3. As much as I love my family, if I ever fell victim to some wasting disease (and it's my destiny to do so), and I was so sick as to be terminal, I would want their respect for my decision. If I am in so much pain that really cannot be fixed, them give me enough morphine to let me die and let me have done with it. Love me enough to let me go. The same goes for getting old. The moment I shit my own pants and can't clean up by myself, it is well and truly over. Yes, I'll be going when *I* say it's time to go.