Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wrong way tram

Bah humbug. St Kilda Festival is on at the weekend. Need to get out of town. Ah yeah, poof picnic day at Treasury Gardens.

It is one thing when private companies and organizations get public transport maps and/or other details wrong, but it is a bit sad when Metlink itself gets it wrong. Have a look at the Getting to St Kilda Festival pdf map


First one to answer earns my esteemed respect.


  1. Well, it seems to talk about the 79 (Sat pm and Sun only) but not the 78 (rest of the time). On the map the St K Junc icon is in the wrong place. And it shows the 3 travelling all the way down Brighton Road.

    Was that all, or is there more?

    The MX tonight reckons one of the trams to catch is the 97 (not the 67)...

  2. It certainly is the weirdest depiction of St Kilda Junction I have ever seen. Since they are referring to the Sunday, we can wear the 79, but it was the 3 heading off towards Carnegie that amused me.

    All media should have public transport proof readers. See it time and time again. I suppose people do ask when a number is close to the one they want, 96 is close to 97.

    Non existant prize is on its way Daniel.

    Hmm, just noticed on the map where the 623 bus terminates. Maybe it does, but it is certainly not its starting point from St Kilda.

  3. You need to learn that those who arrange these media releases and information are as far from the coal face as the political leaders who supposedly run the system. That's as much as I'm going to say! (Well, other than the fact that the shuttle trams that are helping out with the train loadings are rostered to shunt at Bourke and Swanston St. Slight problem there!)

  4. I'm guessing the 623 is curtailed because of the road closure. But yeah, this kind of stuff creeps into official info all the time.

    Those responsible have been told of the main errors. They've already amended the page to specify it's about Sunday (78/79 issue). They tell me they'll fix the 3 heading to Carnegie... but they haven't yet.

  5. Hadn't heard of that one yet Rob. And I suppose the running time is to suit a shunt at Bourke St.

  6. Fixed at 8.50pm Daniel. In spite of what Rob says, I just cannot believe that they can get it so wrong.

  7. (While it did say Bourke St on the table card which is typed by a machine, proofed by nobody and dumped on our doorstep the night before, there was an amendment to continue up to Lonsdale, where I'm happy to report a shunt exists. I suppose the run time was sufficient as normally 2 minutes is a shunt, but they gave us 6 instead. Either way, it's not fair on the newbie drivers, of which there are enough)