Tuesday, February 20, 2007


You vill get rid of this obsolete technology and embrace the new. Excuses such as you don't like the light from fluorescent lighting, they won't fit your light fittings, it will spoil your chandelier, they don't alvays last longer, they can be over five times the price or you have a present stockpile of the old type will not be accepted. Vhy? The government says so.

Along with my criminally water wasting shower head, I am going to break the law further by buying a supply of incandescent bulbs. We use very few overhead incandescent lights. I have not had to replace an overhead light globe in the lounge or the bedrooms since we moved here nearly five years ago. We do have one energy saving bulb for a light that is left on a lot as it is linked to exhaust fans. The first lasted about nine months and had to be replaced. So much for long life, and it was not a cheapie.

I really dislike the light that comes from fluro lights, except in a work area such as a kitchen. I don't like the way they flicker from the corner of your eyes. I don't like the slowness of them to light up. I don't like the coldness of them. I don't like the hue that they give skin. I don't like their harshness.

I consider we are quite energy conscious, but I am saying no to this one.


  1. The one place I do love them is under a lampshade. I have two pure silk shades and the incandescent bulbs burn the fabric.

    Good news on the Christmas light front (did I read it here?) because they are bringing out lights that charge up with sunlight during the day and shine all night and I'm still not putting any up.

  2. So Lib's new erection campaign will be based around outlawing incandecant light bulbs, bringing Hicks home and 10 more years under monkey man and the smug bank manager?

    I think that my parents calculated that well over half of the light fittings in our house will need to be replaced. And the dimmers will have to be removed.

  3. Rosanna8:29 pm

    My mum is totally rapt for joy - she hates having to screw in light bulbs.

  4. Could give a nice effect Jah Teh.

    Yeah Bobby, I really wonder if they thought this through. I will guess that it will only be the very standard conventional bulbs that will be phased out.

    A dutiful daughter ought to change her Mum's light bulbs.

  5. We have a "warm" tone compact fluro in a lamp at home. There's no noticable difference to the incandescents that we used to use, except for a slight greeninsh tinge. We also use a "cool" version for the light in the kitchen.

    What freaks me out the most is that they still glow after turning them off, like a TV...

  6. Time to start hoarding incandescent bulbs.

    Can't imagine waiting for fluoros to light up in the fridge 'specially at midnight snack time.

    I read on another blog this morning (so I can't confirm the truth of it) that the fluoros contain a minute amount of mercury and have to be disposed of via special means not via your garbage bin.

    Anyway, post-erection will it happen? I somehow think not.

  7. Is the greenish tinge flattering Ben?

    They do contain mecury Ron, but there aren't rules about their disposal. The amount varies quite a lot too.

  8. I've been phasing out the older ones over the past few years and in that time I can't even remember replacing one of the new jobs. Still, one of my IKEA lights won't be too happy as it only accepts the smaller variety. I suppose the market will be filled with time...