Friday, February 23, 2007

The Sums

Highriser has been doing some sums and has realised that he is in a perilous financial situation..........well, the inheritors are. He'll be dead and gone when the bailiffs arrive. Some deck chairs have been moved and he perhaps now has a more comfortable seat.

Don't people his age usually fly around to different countries on holidays? Aren't they shown smiling to their loved one on a sunny beach?

He should be. Instead he spends time trying to juggle money.

It is all the fault of the plasma.

Let me see. I could whack 30,000 on credit cards. That would supply a few nice holidays but only buy one smart car.

I have seen people older than me act like there is no tomorrow and end in very sticky situations.

Self criticism over. I haven't done great, but I could have done worse. I just need to remember there is an early bit, a middle bit and an end bit. When you are in the early bit and the early part of the middle bit, it does not matter. But once you enter the middle bit of the middle bit, it starts to get a bit scary. In the early bit, you did not have to look ahead. In the middle, you do have to look ahead, and it is hard to imagine what the future will be like.


  1. I have my house and debts. The one thing I hate about being broke is not being able to afford the Vet bills so once the geriatric cat goes, no more animals.

  2. All very well for you to say while you are so young Jah Teh.