Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stolen Blog Post

I was going to write something about the two big ships visiting Sydney, the QE 2 and the Queen Mary 2. I had my lines all worked out, including of course a reference to Sydney queens. But other people have done it already and used my best lines.

So instead, I will just bag NSW, Premier Dilemma and Sydney.

You can read about the chaos caused by the two big queens in the Morning Herald but here are some snips.

Headline: Sydney in meltdown as hordes crowd to see giant ships

poor planning and a 200,000-strong crowd threw Sydney's infrastructure into chaos following the arrival

left thousands of Sydneysiders stranded for hours

People were fainting in the ferry queues

Sydney Buses staff that drivers stuck in traffic had been ordered to go home to avoid incurring overtime.

Cross City Tunnel was closed at 10.35pm and it took him 35 minutes to drive from William Street to Balmain

He acknowledged that the "city almost came to a standstill" and he acknowledged that attempts to disperse pedestrians and vehicle traffic had been "problematic".

Last night's chaotic traffic and transport delays were an embarrassment for the Premier,

State Roads Minister Eric Roozendaal apologised................................summoned senior Roads and Traffic Authority managers to explain the traffic chaos

We could have done it better

The Government should have been on notice from dawn yesterday when thousands lined the harbour

Royal Botanic Gardens about 9.10pm after thousands of people were locked in when its gates shut at its regular closing time of 8.30pm.

Botanic Garden's staff were clearly confounded by the crowd and blamed police for giving the public access.

husband helped a smartly dressed woman in her 80s over the wall

but the firemen could do nothing until someone from the gardens came with a key.

we were met with a very arrogant attitude that implied that we, the public, were a nuisance."

left Circular Quay early because it was full, he said.

attempted to organise replacement buses, but

Back a few years ago when the QE2 called at Melbourne, there was traffic chaos, in a few streets around Station Pier. It seems Sydneysiders just love the large and the ostentatious..........well I know they love large.


  1. The traffic was unbelievable. I got the bus from Watsons Bay after watching the QE2 pass through the heads, and the traffic was in gridlock all the way from Kings Cross into the city. Not bad for 9:30pm on a Tuesday evening. I've never seen anything quite like it, all I could do way laugh.

  2. It slipped my mind Ben, that you were going to see them. I know the Watson't Bay ferry is not very frequent, but that may have been a good way to travel and see the ships too.