Friday, February 09, 2007

A Remembrance of Times Past

Pretentious title or what. Perhaps I should number a series of them. You see blogs weren't always around, so I have some online diary writing to catch up with, like a few decades.

It is Midsumma Carnival day on Sunday. I thought I was working and I was not fussed about missing it, but I have learnt that I am not working so I guess R and I will toddle along for a bit. While I don't approve of Treasury Gardens being used for such fiestas, it is a much better location than Alexandra Gardens, so it is a case of good for the gander but not for the goose.

But the days of being in a large group at Midsumma Carnival, of us picnicking on the lawns, going on rides, sneaking booze out of the designated drinking areas, drinking too much, getting sunburnt and worrying about what we would wear has passed along with the worry of rubbing eyebrows off and the cover up melting and running in the heat. I recall one year coming home with aching filthy minds, from laughing so much.

It is history and it won't happen to us again. It was great at the time, but hard work too sometimes. I really don't miss it. I am quite happy to spend a couple of hours there with R, a look at the stalls, a quiet drink, a bite to eat, a sit in the shade, maybe catch up with a couple of people and the phrase that I find myself increasingly excited about when I am out, 'c'mon, let's go', and we go home.


  1. Poor Andrew, crossing the line into ghey olde age.

  2. Do you read Proust?

  3. Yeah, read that major Proust book many years ago. Can't remember it now but I do recall how beautiful the writing was.

  4. So what is old age like Jah Teh?

  5. I don't know, we'll have to ask the Governor-General.