Sunday, February 18, 2007


I have options. Last night I could have stayed home, watched some tv, played on the pc, had a drink, maybe played some backgammon with R and it would all be in the lovely cool of our apartment. It was what I felt like after a hard day at work in the heat.

No, instead we went to our friends in South Oakleigh for a barbeque. Although they have evaporative cooling, it is just not cool enough for me. Anyway, most of the time we were semi outdoors. It was a fine feast of course and the company pleasant. The mother from Fiji is still staying with them. She said hello and when we went outside to where she was sitting, she went inside. She really doesn't try hard to be sociable. We have given up trying. She ate seperately and then watched a Hindi dvd inside the house. Her son said she is getting through about two a day. I really don't know why she wants to stay so long with them, away from her home and grandchildren.

A friend of our ex politician friend was staying with him. He was from Darwin but is now travelling Australia with his large 4WD and motor home. He was in Melbourne for a Chinese friend's wedding today. Poor bride's makeup will be running.

Our ex pollie friend is just back from Queensland and got caught in the heavy rain they have had there. He did get to see the Barron Falls near Kuranda in flood. The photos were spectacular.

Our brother friends were there too and as always lowering the tone of the conversation to gutter level. Oh, how we laugh. They were off to a poolside brunch today with an old workmate. Bring your togs, she said. They said no, you don't want to see our old bodies. Ah, my husband and I normally don't worry about swimming costumes anyway. They may have an interesting time!

There were some lovely new chickens in residence. Some of the more mature chooks seem to have disappeared. Chicken curry? I believe the Fiji mother is a mean hand with an axe. I didn't ask.

By eleven both R and I were getting heat headaches, so off home to the greenhouse effect creating air con. Bliss. Thrown some more lovely brown coal on the generators. Manana.


  1. Thank you cameraface - I have enjoyed reading the 3 posts about your social life. My own family milieu is batty but I couldn't make it sound as interesting.
    I am concerned about the brother in the Yarra - there is bound to be an negative health result from that one, although I hope not.

    and re the aircon and coal etc: Today was not a day for worrying about carbon imprints.
    I thought the family on page one of the Weekend Australian was ridiculous in front of their 10-room house worrying about carbon for godssake.

  2. I adore flattery Brownie, but really everyone is interesting.

    I also heard that the WA paper family drove a 4WD. The whole business must be led by government, not individuals, although their lobbying is valuable.