Sunday, February 18, 2007


I can't believe my brother hasn't taken to my nephew's hair with a buzz saw. For mine, it looks ok, but of course dreads never look clean.

We met his girlfriend tonight. Nice enough lass from Beacon Cove. He comes across as very innocent and niave but given he works a couple of nights a week in a bar in Fitzroy Street, is a regular at the Espy, lives part time with his girlfriend and on Friday night jumped off Princes Bridge into the Yarra, I guess he isn't innocent nor niave. God knows what nasties his hair picked up in from the Yarra.

I cannot recommend the newly renovated Langwarrin Hotel. It is quite nice inside but the air con was very deficient. Sweat was forming on everyone's brows. The cooling was fine in all areas except the dining area. The food was average. The service was ok. R ordered something and salad and paid extra for the salad. No salad came and when he queried it, they said they had run out and offered him a refund but then they managed to find some salad, as we suggested possibly gathered from other peoples leftovers.

It has a very nice deck area, overlooking the local open drain. There were the ubiquitous pokie machines, but not very many.

Enlightment entered my brother's eyes when I told him he would be an uncle for the first time, on our family side that is, when dyke sister has her donor baby. He later said he would have to think more about it. The haze of alchohol was hanging heavily on him by this time.

Older niece was her usual forced almost friendly self. Younger niece, gorgeous and charming as ever. Sis in law is off on a cruise in so many more sleeps. Her friend who we know too is working at a 'foxy' transport company, but it is going to move from Hueghsdale? to Essendon in the future. Too far for her to travel. Seventy eight year old step father was struggling with his phone to manage an sms. Mother had us in fits retelling the tale of when the Pizza hut soft serve ice cream dispensing machine would not turn off after she filled her cone. We were there at the time and it was very funny. Only my mother can have a whole restaurant involved in her getting an icecream.

Good to catch up with family, but not too often.


  1. "Good to catch up with family, but not too often."

    I think that is the main lesson I learned from my trip to England.

  2. Well i think they sound pretty cool, especially your mum.

  3. Yep Pomgirl, a little of family goes a long way.

    She is quite cool Steph, although old. Probably because she is the most selfish person I know. I am surprised I turned as well as I did, and that is not saying much.