Friday, February 09, 2007

Music from my yoof #67

Boys and Girls, by Blur. This is pop music at its best? Back in olden days when a gay was a gay and dyke was a dyke and a straight was a straight and never the three shall meet, corrupting music like this track gave younguns a licence to experiment. Chuck away the rules. If I like a guy and want to have sex with him fine. If I like a girl and want to have sex with her, fine too. No rules. Follow your feelings. Just love.

Its a disgrace.

(btw, I recall seeing a baretop pic of the lead singer in The Face mag. Not much of body)


  1. Skinny, white Englishmen never look good good nekkid. I always get the irrestible urge to tie them to a chair and forcefeed them brownies and custard.

    Good post, though. My life used to be that simple. *sniff* Good times.

    *bops to Blur*

  2. I fhe is nekkid, can I watch pls Ren?