Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lady of the night

We have moved quite a few times in our lives. Elwood, East Malvern, Glen Iris, Burwood, Balaclava and now, officially, City of Melbourne.

But only in one suburb did we have a prostitute living next door. It sarted with B and it wasn't Balaclava.

PS She was very nice and a good neighbour.


  1. Rosanna12:46 pm

    My neighbours are lawyers and so boring!

  2. Balwyn? Can't say my near-bys are quite as interesting, but there is a young nurse living somewhere upstairs and she seems quite the picture!

  3. It was where we lived. Burwood.

  4. Highriser,

    Come over to the western suburbs our neighbours consist of drug dealers, recently paroled convicts, and cashed up bogans who name their kids Andreaette and Jaysone.

  5. The CUBS terrify me more than the cons and dealers Bobby.