Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Idiot motorist

The white car near the pedestrians is a jerk. These are two lanes of traffic going in the same direction and it has decided to go the wrong way. Slowly as the driver peered around looking for an appropriate traffic light and not finding one, the penny dropped and the driver reversed back and turned around.

The worst I have seen was when four cars were lined up behind each other at the same location.

The most satisfying was when a car made a left turn from that position and the police were passing and booked him/her.

I doubt anyone dileberately disobeys the one way. They are just stupid people and stupid, careless and non-concentrating people on the road are far more dangerous than those who deliberately take a chance.


  1. Corner of St Kilda and Toorak? The thing with Mel motorist are that they forget to read the signs. One tends to wonder how they even got their license in the first place.....

  2. Sure is Mirebella. I guess they come out of the side street and, as you suggest, fail to read the 'no right turn' sign.

  3. Yes, that is St Kilda Rd and Toorak Rd. The number of times I've seen that happen is more than it should be. It's a laugh when you see it because you can watch them trying to find a set of traffic lights to obey. The signs are clear enough!