Sunday, February 04, 2007

I don't get out much

We did get out last night but of course it never rains but pours. We were invited by Dame M's boarder, in the guise of Jasmine, to see the new show at Pink at the Newmarket Hotel in Inkerman Street, St Kilda. Their last show was Sound of Music and the new one is Grease. We will get to see it at some point but we had already booked something else.

While we walk past this restaurant a couple of times a week and have done for many years, it was the first time we have eaten at the Good Luck Chinese restarurant. In the heart of Melbourne's trendiest, or wankiest if you like, Chapel Street is a family run Chinese restaurant. Our dyke friends we were with had been a few times. The food was excellent and at a reasonable price. The service was ok, mostly by the extended family I suspect. Down the back at a large table sat what looked to be four generations of a family dining. I watched the old lady eat, and eat, and eat. For the whole time we were there, this wizened and petite old lady ate steadily. I highly reccommend this place and we will certainly be returning.

Then on to Chapel of Chapel to see Cabaret Latte perform their show Don't stop 'till you get enough. They were excellent and accompanied by only a piano.

Warwick Sharpin at the piano, left in the pic, then Renée Cash (ex tennis star Pat Cash's sister) and Sally Vertigan and on the right the very sexy Ian Sequeira. Did he have a smooth voice or what. The picture does not do him justice.

I really hate this, but the girls insisted on dropping us home. They have done this many times. If we take public transport to an event, we are well prepared to make our own way home and don't expect a lift from anyone. But no, we hustled into the back of their rather sexy new VW Golf and delivered to our door.


  1. Why do you hate getting a lift? If it were me driving, I could understand :P

  2. Steph, I would not want people to think we were sponging lifts all the time. And walking would be preferable to hopping into a motor with you, although at least you would be entertaining. Your gay workmates' conversation is very circumspect. You ought to hear us when we start.

  3. Andrew, thank you for the compliments. It's nice to know that I'm still sexy, and not age-worn! I hope you put your name on our e-mail list, so we can keep you informed of other performances etc. Cheers, Ian

  4. Hi Ian. The net still surprises me at times, in a most pleasant manner. I am on Chapel off Chapel mailing list, but if you mean Cabaret Latte's, no, and I don't have the info. Website?

  5. Anonymous9:17 pm

    No website, but you can e-mail us at I'm glad you enjoyed the performance. Did you go on Saturday or Friday?

  6. Oops, I did actually mean to add my name to the previous blog entry!

  7. Will do it tomorrow Ian. It was Saturday night.


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