Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Girl Blogs

I read some younger women's blogs and some women's blogs who are a bit older and some blogs written by women who are quite a bit.....never mind. I never waste time. I read the these blogs because I like reading them.

If I was your average hetro male, perhaps I would understand, but I really hate the way male commenters on these girls blogs can be so sleazy and suggestive. The girl bloggers I read, naturally are sophiscated ladies and they respond with style and aplomb. Of course there is no suggestivness in comments on older chicks blogs.

It reminds me of seeing some Mediteranian men in the street. They may be old, ugly and fat, badly dressed and reek, but they will leer at a young attractive women in the street in the most obvious way. I feel like slapping some reality into them. How can they possibly imagine she might be interested in them? There is nothing wrong with looking, but this leering they do is over the top.

It is not the suggestiveness in blog comments that really bothers me, it is the differences between the blogger and the commenter. Kinda like when you see a very attractive young ethnically Asian women with an old man. The difference is just so great.

Since everyone seems to deal with ok, it is my problem I guess.


  1. "everyone seems to deal with it OK"

    no cameraface, they only appear to be OK with it but actually they all have the same opinion as yours.

    The thing that worries me about seeing those very attractive asian girls with the men who did not meet them accidentally, is that SOME of those guys who could not get a date any other way, might be treating those girls in a very oafish manner. poor little pets.
    Now the Eastern European bride$ are another deal altogether.

    As Marlene Dietrich's character famously says in the film SHANGHAI

    "It took an awful lot of men to earn me the name Shanghai Lily";

    and I have been around enough decades to have met every kind of man, and the only one who ever leapt to my defence was gay.
    The only one who never told me lies was gay.
    The only one who wanted to see me for my personality was gay.

    I have had a taxidriver follow me to my door and try to get in.
    I have had guys from the (South Yarra) flat next door push their way in 'with intent'.
    In St.Kilda one morning I had guys in a car chase me round block after block (very scary) when they could easily have bothered a 'pro'.
    (and a very young girl came towards me while I was trying to give them the slip and I warned her not to turn the corner, she said "I have just finished the night at the California Club and those jacks won't frighten me" - she looked about 16!).

    So these days, the only men I have any time for are gay men.
    I have never encountered a gay man who was not clean, hospitable, and considerate.

  2. Rosanna3:31 pm

    A very wise post.

    (Forgive me for my lack of commenting of late - it's not that I'm not reading, it's that my computer at home as decided to boycott all blogger blogs and will only let me comment on certain days, certain lunar cycles, certain cosmos movements etc. Helpful? I think not)

  3. And I bet there are more tales Brownie. But at the risk of sticking up for my gender, I do know straight guys who are not like that.

    Np Rosanna. I haven't noticed any on your blog, but then I haven't really looked.

  4. I agree with what you are saying. I mean, I wrote the silly post of the girls' pink tool box yesterday and it is all a tongue-in-cheek thing you know.
    I have deleted some comments over the past 5 months or so that are offensive, but on the whole I love my friends who comment, I feel as though we know each other well.

  5. "Sleazy and suggestive", Andrew you darling, you've been reading my blog.

    I agree with Brownie, gay men who sincerely like women are wonderful.

  6. Cazzie, it is a nice connection you can make with your readers.

    I love sleazy and sugggestive between equals Jah Teh, as you well know.