Thursday, February 01, 2007

Fine old mood

Let me see, I have had a go at trains, media, trams. Who or what next. Some people think I am a whinger.

Yeesss, let me have a go at Lexmark, maker of our printer. When it works, I like our printer. It is simple to use and does what I want. It scans and photocopies too.

There have been some issues over the couple of years we have owned it, usually ink related. If the ink cartridge level indicators were more reliable, I would have been much less troubled. It is not keen on a single sheet of paper on paper rest when it takes in a sheet either. But quirks, I can live with.

The first sign of trouble came when it started printing multicoloured addresses on envelopes. Uninstalling drivers and software did not rectify the problem, so serious business letters now get a printed label and not a printed envelope. Multi coloured is quite good for birthday cards.

It could even been a Microsoft Word problem, maybe.

Now it is really cantakerous. It will print half a page and then say there is a problem with the ink cartridge. By unplugging the power and plugging it back in, it may then print the whole page, or make a couple of errors in the middle of the page. Sometimes it will print fine, mostly not.

Now it has in it two half full cartridges, plus we have a spare colour cartridge. Total value around eighty dollars.

The printer cost $170, friends later bought a slightly upgraded one for $80 and now the same basic all in one can be had for $40. The cartridges can still be used in the new model, so you can see my temptation.

But, the new model is white, not dark grey and would stand out, like the proverbial dog's accoutrements, among our decor.

But a couple of years is not long for a printer to last and I have never bothered Lexmark before, but my request for technical assistance via email has gone unanswered for a week, so maybe I will buy another brand.

Promise to be more cheerful tomorrow.


  1. I just bought an HP photosmart 7830 for $99. It's not the printer you look at, it's the ink cartridges and how much they cost.
    This model's ink comes in two sizes, 5mls and 7mls. So far I love it.

  2. Caught out like that time before last Jah Teh. The cartridges were cheaper, but also smaller.

  3. Anonymous3:35 pm

    I have a Canon MP700. Cost a bit more to buy than the other brands but ink cartridges cost just $19 and can be bought from Kmart and most newsagents.

  4. 2 years is probably an average life span for a printer these days. I recently bought a new one but checked out the ink first and then bought a compatible printer... sounds silly I know but works out a lot cheaper.

  5. Anon, I often think the cheaper the printer the more expensive the ink.

    I feel better about buying a new one Jo, if they are only supposed to last a couple of years. Working backwards from ink to printer is a good idea.