Saturday, February 03, 2007

David Hicks again

It just go from bad to worse to farce.

The US has held one of our citizens for over five years in an isolated prison camp without charge. As an Australian, he should be entitled to efforts by Australia to have him returned home, as would any other Australian citizen would be if illegally held.

Has he been tortured in this prison, well most likely, even if the definition of torture is used very flexibly by both our and the US government.

Now what are they doing now? Well, for 'intellectual stimulation' they have been showing the prisoners pictures of Saddam Hussein's hanging.

When will this nightmare ever end?


  1. Imagine if an Australian was captured in say, North Korea and held there for five years without trial. Try to imagine the different response there...

  2. It has happened in the past, but they were not real Australians, so it was not so important.

  3. *sigh* He needs to be brought back so we can kick his arse personally for a)being a dick, b) being a dick and c)for being a dick who we've had to waste many thousands of dollars on trying to get out of that hellhole.