Monday, February 05, 2007

Computer says no

Well, the internet said no. Why does it always happen when I have the next day off?

I have been without the net from 11pm Sunday night until 1pm today, Monday, a total of fourteen hours. I am traumatised and I do not have a good word for Telstra. I have spent over an hour in queues for tech support and then they could not tell me anything.

I am so, so angry at their incompetence. I have written them a letter, which oddly, the failing printer managed to print. I won't republish the letter here as I don't want to offend your ears. How much account credit should that be worth? One month free?

I may just post something at Whirlpool too. Always a good place to have a whinge and bag a telco.


  1. If you are looking at broadband, you can't go past Internode. (I didn't)

    They give you 8 gigs download per month on the cheapest plan and no excess charges beyond the cap, just cuts you back to dial-up speeds.

    (Sh*ts on Pigbond.)

  2. I recently bought 2 mobile phones from telstra and it was a really frustrating experience for which they ended up giving me $100 credit for stuffing me around so much, as well as $200 welcoming credit for each phone for changing my number from optus to telstra.

    see... telstra are so bad they have to pay people to use their service.

  3. Yeah Jo, they aren't too bad at compensation, as I have discovered in the past.

    M'lord, our building is backbone wired for Telstra cable. Also,we get quite a good deal for two mobiles, net and landline. But the main point is that our phone plugs are no where near the pc for ADSL. I will have look at them though.

  4. What about wireless broadband?

  5. Worth considering Mirebella, but wireless can be troublesome.

  6. We've been with iiNet since they were little Wantree in WA (the manbeast's account moved with him to the east coast). They've been great ever since. They're a reseller of Telstra, HOWEVER, service is way better. :)

  7. Ah, yeah I remember Wantree back when there was lots of small isps.