Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Computer says no update

Internet was restored at 1pm Monday. 3pm Tuesday an sms arrives informing me that the net is once again working. Ta Telstra. I had actually noticed. Was there a point to it?

But dear Telstra also sent an email asking for feedback on my recent interaction with their tech support. They really are quite a masochistic organisation aren't they. (Note, I said not a word against their very pleasant and trying to be helpful people at the end of the phone line, all four of them)


  1. Brownie says Hi to CameraFace.

  2. I felt my ears burning today as you discussed what I witty and erudite fellow I am.

  3. Actually we spent most of the afternoon sticking sequins on a cardboard cutout of cameraface with a cardboard cutout of His Excellency perving round a potted palm.

  4. Ah, that would account for the pricks I was feeling.


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