Wednesday, February 28, 2007

City Square

I am not keen on our City Square. Barren gravel and often used for commercial displays. I may have had a cup of coffee at the cafe there once, there is nothing there to attract me. But it did have a nice bit of grass in raised beds and put grass anywhere and people just love it and want to sit on it. Quite right too.

But due to the self imposed water restrictions, City of Melbourne turned off the water and of course the grass died. Fine. While I don't believe it is necessary to let our gardens, trees and grass die, it has happened everywhere.

But what did I see the other day? Nice new turf being rolled out. The grass is back. No doubt City of Melbourne will say that it is a drought resistant variety. No doubt they will say it is being watered with recycled water. Bulldust. There was grass there, why let it die and then go to the expense of laying more?

You will see a lot more of this in the future around greater Melbourne.


  1. Is it real grass? There's a company my friend works for that lays fake grass that looks AWESOME and very real.

  2. It occured to me later Ren, but I was the rolled up turf and they have plastic ribbons around it, so I guess it is real. Maybe for the Grand Pricks.

  3. I was not rolled up turf. It was.

  4. I remember when the square wasn't and all it had was grass, seats and trees, just a place to sit and it was lovely.

  5. just like my back yard


  6. I too recall it like that Jah Teh, but also remember areas of it where undesrirables would congregate. Grass, trees and seats seem to problematic for councils.

    Time for Greek grass Jo?