Sunday, February 25, 2007

Caught in a trap

Bright lasses rowed straight into the Yarra River litter trap and could not get out of it. Older man tries to assist, but to no avail. He was staying dry. The current was holding them there and they had no idea which direction the paddles should be moved.
No friendship among rowers, they and other rowers rowed straight on past.
Ineffectual movements with the paddles does not help at all. A paddle wedged under the boom and the craft nearly tipped over.
We all need help from a kind young man at times.
Damn, so close but so far. The current pushed the bow in towards the bank.

More rrrs than class, finally free. We had been entertained for fifteen minutes. A crowd had gathered and we gave them a cheer. They crossed the river with the bow of their craft pointed directly into the barrel drain on the north bank.


  1. And why didn't you jump in and save them?
    chivalry is dead!! ;)

  2. Spot of nostalgia/trivia. I spent each Sunday for nearly 5 years on that very corner spot in the 2nd bottom pic flogging me wares to the throng of passing punters.

  3. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Thanks for capturing our 15 minutes of fame! I guess we got more than we bargained for!!

  4. I agree with Steph, LOL.

  5. Steph and Cazzie, the photographer never gets involved in the action.

    They were much younger than you Jah Teh.

    What overpriced goods did M'lord try to sell to the unsuspecting tourists?

  6. That wasn't me. I'm here and I say you're sexist. Two cute guys with their tops off any you'd have chucked the camera and broken limbs to help the lads.

    M'Lord does the most brilliant cartoons and if you bought one, you got him free.

  7. Yes Jah Teh I am and I would, and what is your point?

    So maybe it is the real people who got caught.

  8. Anonymous2:50 pm

    You should have waited a bit longer to see one of the girls fall into the river. :))

    Anyway, Thanks for the post. Heard all about it from the horses mouth(one of the girls in the skull), its just great to see it.

  9. Wow, the world is just too small at times.

  10. she's linked you so we could all get "the" picture :) but she didn't tell us it was a litter trap!!! poor Penny Lane!! she's a real sport!

  11. In this Global Village of ours Tartrazina, I am glad I did not say anything too extreme in the post. Yours in a good blog too. Thanks for the info.