Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cancer of the Nose

It turns out that I do not have cancer of the nose and I won't need a disfiguring operation. Nor have been so drunk that I cannot recall walking nose first into a door.

After suffering a strangely sore and slightly swollen nose for a couple of days in silence, I mentioned it to my in house Doctor R and he diagnosed a pimple on the inside of my nose. As he is unqualified, I asked him how he knew and he has had one too.

I concurred with his diagnosis but also added that it could be an ingrown hair on the inside of my nose.

Whatever. After five days the nose is now back to normal and once again I can tilt my head back and disdainfully sniff at one and all.


  1. That is very strange. I have no possibilites to suggest - sorry. However I am glad to hear the pain is good.

    One day I woke up and had this hugely fat lip. T'was so weird. Never quite figured out what it was...

  2. You don't have cancer of the nose. I don't have cancer of the toes. YAY!

  3. I've had a pimple there and I can tell you it's quite painful so I'm not surprised you went to the doc. I recently had one on my neck (quite a large one) and it was right where the collar rubs my neck. There's four days of discomfort...

  4. Of all the weird stories to hide a nose job.

  5. (Andrew sniffs disdainfully at Jah Teh)