Friday, January 19, 2007

Who's your money on?

Is it possible that when the disgraceful US president Bush leaves office, that the race may be between a black male or a white female? Worse still, the black male smokes, but not cigars! But surely even worse the white female canditate's husband likes cigars, but we are unsure if he smokes them (wonder what is wrong with Bill that something the size of a cigar is a subsitute for the real thing. Perhaps it was a large Havana)

Hillary was a bit of long underarm hair person before she had her makeover, not that I implying anything about her sexuality.

The US political process is terribly complicated to us Australians, but I suppose the choice will be narrowed to one person before the presidential election. A pretty well unknown black male against a well known and well funded ex president's wife. It might even be interesting.


  1. My money's on the long underarm haired one. She most certainly has the 'balls' to handle the job.

    Double entendre is implied.

  2. Anonymous9:06 am

    The problem (sadly) is that one is a woman and one is black, neither of which the general american public likes too much. Shit, these are the same people who voted for Bush. And yeah, they might be a little bit pissed off now but not that angry. I would LOVE for either Hillary or Obama to win but I would shocked if they do.