Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Draft 29/03/07 Uni Education

This one is a ripper. I actually believe in free education for all but I just could not express myself well enough, hence it was canned for a strong edit. I like publishing these drafts. I can say what I like and then say it was not really for publication. I might actually write some draft posts.

If you go on to earn large amounts of money when you are qualified, then what is wrong with returning some of your taxpayer funded education to the taxpayers?

I believed in free uni education for all, until everybody wanted it and once qualified, worked along side me in a manual job.

Australia does not need so many uni educated people. We do need a well educated and literate population and a first class primary and secondary education should be a high priority for all governments.

My niece who missed out on first round offer for teacher training does not need a uni education to be a teacher. She is clever and smart and just needs some training on how to teach and deal with young students.


  1. Anonymous4:44 am

    Andrew, Perhaps thats not a bad idea. It seems that alot of Thais spend years and years paying back the Government for their education. This does seem wrong especially when alot of them never actually get into high paid careers.
    But yes I woud prefer the governments to concentrate more on better levels of Primary and Secondary education.

  2. Anonymous4:45 am

    'WOULD'.... darn that keyboard!

  3. Amen to that Andrew. I have known of a few people who felt cheated by not getting into their course of preference. Namely, a career choice they had from a young age.
    If I had not gotten into nursing all those years ago I would have been devastated. From the age of 4 I wanted to be one. When I was 15 I began work in a nursing home(NH), I was there until age 25. I would have remained there had I not got my Degree in Health Sciences, Nursing. Yes, I would have had a job, but not the job I would have wanted.
    As a kid, all I knew was that I would finish High School year 10 level and go train in a hospital for my nursing profession.
    Then, when I got to year 10, the careers officer informs me, "Oh no Carolyn, you must go through and do your HSC and then go to University now to become a nurse".
    WTF?? I was so upset. Nurses...train in a Uni?? Having worked in a NH I knew my practical well, so the classes held in a Uni setting weren't so bad. When it came to going to do prac in a hospital setting, I was just fine with it.
    Nuffof a rant, which ought to be a blogpost sometime int he future for me
    At one time, through my Uni days, I went and worked on an assembly line at a bike helmet factory(my dad was the forman there). I worked alongside many a person who had been to Uni, obtained a Degree or Diploma in some such course and yet remained on an assembly line. So I know what you are talking about here. They took a place that could well have been the place of a person who really wanted to BE that career.

  4. Yes Deejohn. I think hihgher education in Thailand is still for the middle to upper classes. Hopefully Thailand is well on the way to full literacy for all its children.

    Cazzie, it must be quite satisfying to know what you want to do at a young age and be able to do it. I got a job as a nurses aid (they were called that back then, not sure now and the training was done in Toorak Rd, Toorak), but I never started as I compared the pay and the hours to what I was doing, and I am still doing.

  5. And to add, I would have been lousy in a caring profession.

  6. Awww, I don't know about you being lousy, LOL. I was termed as a Ward Assistant back when I was 15, then I just became an RN years later. Now, there are different levels of PCA's and EN's and RN's and whoosywhatsists about.
    Yep, the pay did suck when I was a Ward Assistant, the pay for me now at my level (note: Old bag experience) is great.

  7. Great, I thought cazzie might disagree with me about nursing. My sister started out in the wards and was called a nursing aide, now it's Div.2 nurse. She gets uni students in who have never touched a patient. She's just completed a wound management course, made to, because she can heal wounds others have given up on and that's because of her years of hands on nursing. She finished school at the end of year 10, not even VCE.

  8. I doubt hospitals would function without the old bags around Cazzie, although you are a bit short of the that yet. Maybe I could learned to be 'caring'.

    Jahteh, us slightly older people have so much knowlege compared to younger people but does it really get recognised? My workplace is finally recognising my experience with an extra $10 per week. Hospitals must be the worst places. Nurses have all the knowlege but can't openly challenge doctors who are paid far more than a nurse is. The consolation is, I think most patients know this.

  9. Wow, everything you both said, Andrew and Jahteh, is so true. And yes, patients know only too well the problems within the system. Especially the poor darlings that need no further orienation to the hospital due to so many visits.