Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tidy the wardrobe

Since we moved here four years ago the wardrobe in the spare bedroom has been a dumping ground for whatever. In the wardrobe corner in the picture were cardboard boxes, plastic bags with all sorts of things in them and piles of unused cushions. I was getting fed up with trying to find stuff when I needed to as well as it being very messy. I should have taken a before picture.

I went through all the stuff today and threw out some things, mainly co-ax cables and cable net extention cable and speaker cables along with an old telephone and a speaker swithing box and other bits and pieces. R stuffed all the cushions into a suitcase that sits above. We went out and bought four of these storage boxes for eight dollars each.

They are labled as follows:

Bookends, glues and screws (nails, string, wire, all sorts of screws, masking tape, picture hanging wire etc)

Audio/Video and electrical (including a stud finder that works well on the material but yet to be tested on the human)

Painting and wood (roller, brushes, sandpapers etc, wood offcuts, timber is expensive)

Garden (ceramic pots, sand and potting mix)

R wanted to throw out the chair, but it does not take up much space, so I insisted it stayed. You never know when you may need.........

To think, over the last fifteen years, a double garage and a shed, both full of 'things I may need in the future' have been reduced to four boxes.


  1. Happy New Yrs Andrew!
    I think its a new yrs resolutions thingee. Em (my housemate) and I decided to do the whole hogs last week as well - and also replaced our in tatters sofa with a spanking new suede L shaped on and some cube storage shelving as well. Delivery - Sat!

    It feels good tho doesnt it?

  2. Thanks Mirebella. I have opened the wardrobe three times to admire my tidy boxes.

  3. lol @ stud finder... may have to get one of those.

    My spare room totally stresses me out, I hate even going in there and thought that I should clean it out over the christmas/new year break... but that thought passed and it's still a mess.

  4. Easter project Jo?

  5. UUmmmm.... yes, easter projet