Friday, January 12, 2007

New phone

After over a month out of contract I have finally bought a new mobile phone. Since I have always had (Sony)Ericsson phones and each newer phone is improved, I saw no reason to change brands.

I presently pay $30 per month with $20 of credits and free three minute calls to a speicfied number, obviously R's mobile.

We were at Victoria Gardens in Richmond and there were some phone places there. One had an Indian man who could barely speak English and we had to walk away. It just was not working. In the next place, I was not happy either.

We came back to town and I went to the Telstra shop in Bourke Street. Really I wanted a K800i but it was going to cost $60 a month. I settled for a K610i on the same $30 plan. Sorry Sir, we only have it in red, not in grey. I did not want a red phone, so I declined.

We were about to leave town when R suggested Crazy Johns on the corner of Bourke and Swanston. We went in and straight away were attended to by a very handsome young man who spoke English well. Same phone, $20 plan, $15 worth of calls, $5 net access plus 50 sms a month. Does it have a usb cord? I know they are expensive to buy. No, he said and explained bluetooth to me. I did actually know about it anyway. I wanted the cord to transfer phone photos to the pc. At the moment I have to send them over the air at 50 cents a pop. Then I thought, $5 net allowance, I can send ten photos a month anyway. I would not use the net allowance otherwise.

Sotto voice I said to R, that is odd as the Telstra shop showed us the box and there was a usb cord in there.

Anyway, I bought it and so had a new toy to play with this afternoon. The menu is very similar to my old one but with some extra features and the camera seems much better. And to my surprise there was a usb cord and a cd for a program to download photos to your pc. I haven't done anything about that yet as the phone is still charging and it can wait.

What I did do was send my old phone's wallpaper and a couple of ring tones to my pc and hopefully they will transfer to the new phone. I love my animated jumping spider.

You know I was a bit stupid. Had they have had the phone in grey in the Telstra shop, I would have bought it. I assumed all Telstra outlets had the same plans. It really does pay to shop around and don't believe what salespeople tell you. There was a usb cord. When R bought his last new phone he was told two blatent lies by the Telstra shop retailer. One could have been a lack of product knowledge but put another one with it, and he way just lying.

I bought my first and second phone from Crazy Johns. I still get an occasional sms from them. But their computer system had lost me from back then.

Now I have to wait two whole years before I can get a new phone. God knows what they will be like then.

Later addition tram driver score: Generally all very good. Public transport was a pleasure to use today.


  1. Ericsson are Swedish design so of course they are wonderful.

    I want a new phone. I have the Motorola V3 and despite it being the cutest little thing since... well, since the gardner on Desperate Housewives, really - it is the most HOPELESS phone.

  2. The gardener was cute, but I think you saying the cutest little thing is appropriate.

    Forget about functionality, buy the best looking phone. Motorola do look nice, but b/f had one years ago and it was crook. I now know they have a menu similar to all other phones, but they did not back then.

  3. Every two years I walk into that exact same store and simply say "$x a month, don't want to pay for a phone, what do you have?". They fix me up, give me free stuff and I've always been happy with their service.

  4. Maybe I should be a tougher customer Rob.

  5. I want the spider!

    Thanks for doing that other small job for me.