Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Longest Book

I have finally finished reading Frank Hardy: Politics, Literature, Life, by Jenny Hocking. It must have taken me months. It was very educational. Faint praise that isn't it? I don't read many books now, thanks to this bloody machine. I did not know that Hardy had 'an affair' with Nana Mouskouri. It was quite a good book really, and there was a chapter called Mary, My Mary about his sister Mary Hardy. I have written about this terrific but mentally frail lady in the past, but I will just pass on this anecdote that amused me and rather sums her up.

In her early days on stage, she had a romantic role playing opposite Fred Parslow. She was supposed to close her eyes and receive a passionate kiss from him. On one eyelid she had written 'get' and the other 'f****d'. Whether it broke him up as he bent towards her or not, the book did not say.

(I would have liked to post a nice picture of Mary to conclude, but alas even the internet fails me)


  1. I won't say how many years it is since I worked at the same radio station but I have a very clear memory of her face and I can still hear that famous laugh. She was a very funny lady and would have written one hell of a blog.

  2. 3a trouble you huh. Well that has spoiled your left leaning credentials. Actually, it was not so bad back then.

    Since you obviously know her, there was a very sad bit in the book. While she was very self deprecating about her looks, at home she kept a scrap book of newspaper clipping that critisized her appearance. She really took it to heart.